Thursday, January 28, 2010

How Can You Tell If Someone Is a Soulmate?

Stella asks, “How can you tell if someone is a soulmate?” What’s wonderful about this question is that it’s infinitely more expansive than, “How can I tell if someone is MY soulmate?” It opens the door for so many possibilities. By searching for “a” soulmate rather than “your” (one and only) soulmate, finding what you desire becomes a much more likely proposition!

What Stella is really asking is, “How can you tell if someone has soulmate potential?” To answer that, let’s take a look at the soulmate experience.

Soulmates come together to explore, appreciate, and grow from every experience that shows up. They use everything as a vehicle for self-discovery and for enhancing their connection. Soulmates hold an intention to keep the magic in their relationship alive and do their best to encourage their relationship to flourish.

So, someone who has soulmate potential is someone who desires a deeply connected experience with another human being. Even more importantly, it’s someone who is committed to doing whatever it takes to truly open themselves up to the soulmate experience—which means having the willingness to see themselves clearly and to share themselves fully.

You can tell someone is a soulmate when you recognize these qualities in them. And if you have these qualities yourself, the soulmate experience becomes available to you.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the response. I thought I'd met my soulmate but he wasn't. I read Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser and she speaks of a Shaman Lover, I think that's what we had goin on, though I'm not sure who was the Shaman Lover, he or I.

    I know my special person is out there and I'm ready. Hmm...wonder if I can find him before Valentines Day? ha ha It's the only holiday I believe in.

    Well thanks again and you two look like such a lovely couple.


  2. Thanks for the response.

    I thought I'd met my soulmate but I read in a book Broken Open about Shaman Lovers and I think that more accurately describes what we were, though I don't know which one of us was the Shaman Lover. Maybe both of us if that's possible.

    Do you think I can find my person before Valentines Day? As it is the only holiday I really celebrate. Any sweet, genuine men reading this, give me a holler, he he

    I believe anything is possible. Love conquers all ~ when you allow it to.

    You guys are a lovely looking couple.

    Thanks again.


  3. We love your enthusiasm and positive outlook. We'd also like you to consider that "being ready" for the soulmate experience is an ongoing process—a conscious choice we make on a daily basis. Here's to Valentine's Day!

  4. I love this post about soulmates - particularly your emphasis on "a" soulmate rather than thinking of "the" one. As Imago Dialogue Practitioners, my wife and I realize that our relationship is one of destiny - and we know that because we see so much of our early life as children reflected in each other, and not always in a way that leads to uplifting memories. There's a big piece of her brother in me. There's pieces of my father and my mother in her.
    Michael Sherman -

  5. Thanks for this, Michael. Recognizing those reflections in each other must strengthen that soul connection you feel.

    And in the spirit of “we are all one”: Given the opportunity and willingness to fully open ourselves to ANY other human being, not just those we know well, we believe we would be able to see similar reflections of us in them, and they in us. So if we looked deeply enough, we believe we would discover that quality of “destiny” in every relationship.

    —Mali and Joe