Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cultivating the Soulmate Experience

Millions of people are scouring dating and social-networking sites with the hopes of meeting their true love: the one person on the planet with whom they will feel profoundly connected and completely fulfilled. They are, to put it simply, looking for The One.

Though many of us will likely feel this level of connection most deeply with one person—or perhaps, over our lifetimes, two or three—we all have the capacity to feel it to some degree with everyone in our lives. You’ve likely felt a soul connection to varying degrees with many people—such as your parents, your children, your close friends, or your lovers. You may have even experienced it with people you’ve just met—a profound sense that you were meant to know each other or are somehow connected on a deeper level.

If you’re looking for the relationship of a lifetime, intentionally cultivating the attitudes of a soulmate is the best way to invite the soulmate experience into your life. More than that: when you are being The One, rather than trying to find The One, you’ll naturally begin to recognize the soulmate potential in others.

When the soulmate potential emanates from you—all you have to do is turn around.


  1. A great post which reflects my own view that our relationship with ourselves will be reflected in our relationships with others. That has certainly been my experience. Love what you write!

  2. Yes... When people finally realize that the real solution is to put their focus on improving their relationships with themselves, they begin to instantaneously improve the relationships they have with everyone in their lives!