Monday, May 17, 2010

What Are You Committed to—Right Now?

Mark, a swim coach, was helping a young woman named Kristi learn to dive. She’d stand up on the starting blocks, nervous, worried that her goggles would come off or that she'd end up doing a belly flop. After every awkward splash into the pool, she’d pop up immediately, whirling around for his critique on just what went wrong.

After several minutes of this, Mark walked to the edge of the pool, looked Kristi in the eye, and said, “Look, you’ve just got to commit. Stop questioning yourself. Dive in and swim to the end!”

It worked. Kristi entered the water straight and clean, swam to the end of the lane, and came up with a smile on her face. She didn’t turn around looking to the coach for advice, because she knew she’d given it everything: full on, without hesitation.

Commitments have the power to carry us through our fears and toward our greatest accomplishments. Committing is an act of intention, of telling the world “I intend for this to work.” In a committed state, you’re better able to handle the unexpected, as you already have faith in the outcome.

In every aspect of our lives, including our relationships, the most powerful commitment is the one we’re making right now.


  1. Teaching those to take that leap of faith is tough, but once they get it, just like Kristi, they never for get it. Taking that leap of faith and committing to having a better life is a hard step. But so worth it to find the happiness you want.

  2. Look, you’ve just got to commit. Stop questioning yourself. Dive in
    I think I need to print this out and post it over my computer so I can look it every time I question whether I can really be a writer, finish my novel, attend grad school, whatever.

  3. Thank you, DTH!

    And Renee, we're all here to remind you: you really are a writer, you're on your way to finishing your novel, and grad school is waiting for you. You have everything that's required: passion and persistence. Just ask the people who know you best...